When a customer decides to get a haircut, they have to consider their face shape. Some facial features stand out better than others. The hairstylist at Hair Salons Beverly Hills will have to study you to figure out what works best for your face shape. A great haircut can be too simple or too complicated for your face. Here are some helpful tips to help you choose a great stylist that also makes you look good.


If you have a round face, most styling salons offer a classic haircut for this shape. A round face looks very good with medium-length hair, and a round hot cut looks great with long hair. Medium-length hair looks better with longer shag cuts. You can even get a bob cut if you have the confidence to keep your hair short. Any hairstylist in your area should be able to do a classic haircut and bring out the best features of your face.

If you have a long face shape, the options become a little more difficult. For this shape, a traditional blunt haircut may not work as well as a stylish razor trim. If you are going to a hair salon to get a classic blunt haircut, ask to try a side parting or a mini-up haircut. These can be very effective at disguising hair loss.

If you have light skin, consider one-step color or a one-step gray hair cut. Light skin colors look great with longer shag cuts and classic blunt cuts. A good stylist should be able to do both of these and give you the perfect haircut.

If you have dark skin, you can easily disguise yourself with different hairstyles. You can use a fade or a longer haircut to make your face appear thinner. You can even play around with colors. A short bob can look like you have long hair and a long layered bob can look like you are wearing hair extensions. You may need to visit several hair stylists before you find one that will work for your face shape.

In terms of the hairstyle itself, you can get away with a haircut if it is simple but not bland. If you get a messy haircut, it will not look professional. If you are visiting a hair salon, ask if they have any neat styles. Many hair stylists will be happy to oblige and often these days, it is possible to have a basic haircut and then have the rest of your hair done in layers. This is also a good way to hide hair loss.

Another thing to consider is whether the stylist has an amazing cutting technique. If the stylist has a wide variety of haircutting tools, it will show. A good haircut and styling salon will make sure they have a wide variety of tools for all hair types. It is always more comfortable to go to a hair salon that uses the latest cutting and styling tools. You will be more impressed with their abilities.

It is also important to choose a hair salon that you feel comfortable in. If you go to a haircut and styling place that makes you uncomfortable, you are going to look at them as being unprofessional. When you have your hair cut, there should not be someone who is looking at you in a negative way. You should feel comfortable while having your hair cut and styled. When you take your hair for a haircut, you should be able to do so without any kind of hassle or discomfort.